Second time parents


If this is your second or subsequent pregnancy, it may be that you have already attended a group workshop.
You may find it helpful to be able to go through your first birth in detail in order to gain a deeper understanding of what took place.
You may both have questions that you would like answered in the private space of a one to one meeting.
Once we have talked through your previous birth, we look in detail at the physiology of birth placing emphasis on your planned way of giving birth this pregnancy. .We look at realistic and practical methods of enabling you to achieve what you are hoping to.

The course content is exactly the same as for the group workshop but the difference is that we will focus on those aspects of the process that are particularly important to you as a couple this time around with this baby.

Couples usually feel enormously relieved and can look forward to the birth of their new baby with excitement and claim optimism knowing that whatever their previous experience of birth was, this time around they approach the process with added wisdom and experience.

One on one costs: £150 per part.