Birth Art Café Classes for Pregnancy and Birth

What is Birth Art Café?

The concept of Birth Art café was devised by Tamara Donn. The classes provide a space for pregnant women to come together and access their innermost thoughts through the creative act of drawing, painting or modeling with clay. In the Western world we live in a left brain culture. In most aspects of our lives we control the way in which things turn out for us.


Birth in our time

When we attend Birth Preparation classes we focus on information gathering. Whilst all of this work is hugely beneficial to overcoming fear of what is to come, it appeals to our left brain. Birth is something truly instinctive and is always unpredictable. Time spent in right brain mode enables us to get in touch with deep instinctual abilities that we might have forgotten exist. When women come together in the safe environs of the group they are able to explore this inner self without fear of judgement and spend time in right brain mode.


The Class

A theme is chosen either from discussion within the group as we introduce ourselves, or a pre arranged idea may be chosen. We start with a small meditation and welcome everyone into the circle. Birth art materials are the given out and each woman is left to work by herself . Tea, drinks and snacks are provided whilst you are drawing, colouring or modeling. At the end of the time allocated, we allow time for talking and sharing insights which may have made themselves known. This is entirely voluntary. The unpredictability and surprise element of many of our birth art creations mirror the pattern that our labour journey takes. Like the birth process, the birth art process throws up challenges and it is through working in this right brain mode that we learn to relax and surrender to what will come along on the day.

One to One Birth Art: £40.00 for 1 hour