Doula Services

2019/2020 Statement – I am currently studying for a PhD so please be aware I will be doing very limited Doula services at this time. Thank you

Philosophy and Service

What takes place during the birth of our babies has a profound and lasting effect upon the way in which we feel about ourselves as women. Most women have a body which is perfectly designed not only to grow her baby, but also, to birth her baby. Society does not offer adequate role models for expectant mothers. We do not see babies being born, we seldom observe mothers breastfeeding at close hand and we do not see pregnant women being especially cared for and nourished by the environment in which we find ourselves. Apart from the theoretical knowledge we glean from books we have little or no practical insight into this period in our life as a mature woman. In the animal world lionesses, mothers, sisters and daughters work together, instinctively pooling their individual knowledge and experience to survive against enormous odds.

Water birth doula Cornwall

As a doula, I am with you, in the deepest possible sense. I do not tell you how to give birth. I simply help to remind the woman that birth is a normal event, something well within her capabilities, and not something to fear. As a doula, I am doing what has been done for centuries. I am a woman myself, experienced in birth, there to hold your hand, to simply be there. Doulas are sometimes described as a ‘labour coach’. Birth is an organic process, rooted in the earth, developing instinctively and a unique creation directly dependent upon the energies of the mother. The woman is in control, she is the one doing, and as Michel Odent notes, the best carers are simply present in the wings. The quiet reassurance and understanding offered by a doula to the mother in labour has a noticeable effect on not only the way in which the birth unfolds, but, perhaps more significantly, on the way in which the woman feels about her birth.

I feel strongly that a woman should never be made to feel as if her body did not work correctly, as if her behaviour during labour did not meet some expected ideal.

As a Birth doula in Cornwall I offer a service which I design around each particular woman and her specific needs. A minimum of four visits before and four visits after the birth are included in all my doula services.  I will stay with you throughout your labour and leave once you have birthed your baby and are comfortable for me to do so. I work with couples in Truro, Newquay, Falmouth and most other places in Cornwall.

“Birth is an organic process, rooted in the earth, developing instinctively and a unique creation directly dependent upon the energies of the mother.”


Related Skills and Sevices

I trained with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers in 2005 I trained with Pam England completing the workshop “Birth as a Hero’s Journey” I am a qualified Active Birth Teacher I trained with Janet Balaskas to teach Active Birth Workshops for Labour and Birth Preparation I provide ‘one to one’ Birth Preparation at home for couples I am a qualified Baby Massage Instructor and trained with Peter Walker I am trained to teach ‘Postnatal yoga with your Baby’ classes I am a qualified Birth Art Café Mentor and trained with Tamara Donn I trained with Birthlight to teach Birth Preparation to couples

Other workshops attended : Anusara Yoga immersions with Bridget Woods-Kramer, Breath work with Sandra Sabatini, Babiesknow workshops at VIveka with Yehudi Gordon, Optimal Foetal Positioning with Jean Sutton .


I have attended births in hospital, birthing centres and at home. I have been present at Births using pools, at home and in a hospital setting, Caesarian births,as well as births requiring some form of intervention. I am very happy and comfortable attending a woman in whatever space is needed to birth her baby safely.




“I felt she was not only a huge support to me but also my husband. I could see that she gave him courage to take an active role. The midwives all have a high regard for Gilly. She is an amazing woman! “