Evening pregnancy yoga classes in Cornwall


Active Birth Yoga for pregnancy and birth

Yoga based stretches and movements are the ideal form of exercise for the pregnant woman. Regular practice will help her to adjust to the enormous physical and emotional changes that take place in the nine months prior to the birth of her baby. Once labour begins, she will easily be able to tune into her intuitive strength. This innate ability, together with the physiological knowledge she has gained during the classes will guide her through labour without fear.


Benefits of pregnancy yoga

Enable you to create a personal, private inner space in which to labour effectively

Learn to work with powerful muscular contractions by using appropriate yoga positions to help transform the pain.
Become aware of the support of the earth and learn to use the force of gravity.
Become familiar with the process of visualisation, an invaluable and easily transportable asset on the birth journey.

Gain knowledge of the pelvis, the pelvic floor, the hormones, the perineum and all the physiological changes of pregnancy and birth.

I hope to reassure women, to remind them of how beautifully designed and able their pregnant bodies are, and to remove fear of the unknown. With confidence and a positive attitude to accompany her on the journey through labour and birth, she can feel relaxed and assured and ready to meet any challenges that lie ahead.

Classes cost £40 for 4 classes, you do not need to use them up consecutively or £12 drop in. Classes will be held on a Wednesday evening, 6.15-7.45pm. Please see the calendar for specific dates

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